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Radiation suits are not a common purchase made by most individuals. However, with growing concern over future weather uncertainties, the increased use of nuclear fuel and even the threat of nuclear attack, many people are attempting to be prepared for all forms of disaster. This would include protection against radiation poisoning. If a radiation suit is on your shopping list, how can you know if you are purchasing the right type of suit? Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

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How Can Radiation Exposure Affect You?

Short-term exposure to radiation can be mild and only result in skin irritation, loss of hair, nausea and vomiting. Prolonged exposure to radiation can cause dramatic irreversible damage to cells and can lead to cancer and other life threatening conditions.

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How a Radiation Suit Protects You

Radiation suits are typically coated with a metal coating or a metal fiber cloth blend. The metal used in the suits normally is silver because it is very reflective. The goal of the suit is to reflect or refract electromagnetic waves associated with radiation pollution away from your skin and body.

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Radiation suits have successfully been used for many years in disaster areas to protect emergency workers and their effectiveness has been demonstrated during these catastrophes. Although there is some discussion on how effective radiation suits really are, it is certainly evident from past experiences that radiation suits have been necessary to protect the lives and health of rescue workers.

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How to Choose the Right Radiation Suit

There are several factors to consider when choosing a radiation suit. The first one is your specific reason or need to buy the suit. Is the suit for fall-out from a nuclear attack? Do you live in a place that is very close to a point of attack such as a nuclear plant? If you live in close proximity to a target, then your radiation exposure could be greater. This would suggest that a stronger, more protective radiation suit might be necessary for you.

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Another item to consider is the mobility available in the suit. In other words, some suits are more restrictive than others and don’t allow a great deal of movement. If you will be wearing the suit for a long period of time, this would be an issue. Another consideration is heat of the suit. If you live in a place that is typically very hot, such as the south, the heat the suit would cause would be a deciding factor.

How Much Protection Does a Radiation Suit Offer?

Radiation suits can protect from direct contact with radiation particles and radiation gas. Radiation suits are given protective ratings from A to D based on how much protection each suit provides. For example, an A rated suit is the highest level of protection against vapor radiation while a D rated suit will not protect against chemical exposure.

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Where Can I Purchase a Radiation Suit and How Much do They Cost?

Radiation suits can be purchased online and through wholesale retailers. It is possible that you could find radiation suits in certain stores that specialize in doomsday prepping. However, it would be more difficult to find a radiation suit in a store, much less any variety. The cost of a radiation suit can differ greatly. Some suites will cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand. It simply depends on the strength, durability and quality of the suit purchased. Generally, the higher the protection level of the suit, the higher the cost. You should be very careful to purchase the suit from a company that you feel is a reputable dealer.

Demron® Full Bodysuit Suit - Large (Misc.)

Features: Hazmat Suit, Radiation Protection Suit, Biological Protection Suit, Chemical Protective Clothing, Bodysuit

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With the sudden popularity of “doomsday prepping” many companies are riding the wave of selling items such as radiation suits without the knowledge and experience they need. Considering the high cost of these items, you want to be sure you are purchasing a quality suit from a company that will stand behind its products.

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Obviously, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a radiation suit. It is important to do your research and ask questions to your retailer prior to making a purchase. You will need to know the testing procedures performed on the radiation suit to determine its rating and to determine if you are purchasing the right suit for your needs.

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